• Water-based Coloring Markers
    For over 40 years, Marvy Uchida's water based markers have a reputation for its vivid color expression and variety of colors. They go on coloring books, greeting cards, rubber stamps, and many kinds of paper craft projects.
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  • Comic & Graphic Markers
    For drawing your story in a comic and expressing your idea into a graphic, we are providing essential pens and markers. You will find right one to draw the line you want and colors in your image.
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  • Lettering Pens
    Sending hearty messages, decollating beautiful notebooks, or personalize your own things nicely. Marvy Uchida have a great line-up of writing and calligraphy pens for your lettering projects.
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  • Paint Markers
    Creativities do not stay only on papers, but also any kinds of crafting projects. Our unique technology of pigment paint ink realizes wide line-up of brilliant colors work on many kinds of surfaces.
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  • Chalk Markers
    An eye-catching sign board with vaunted menu attracts customers to your store. Our specially formulated chalk paint ink makes your sign, black boards, and windows more colorful and enjoyable.
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  • Fabric Markers
    One of Marvy Uchida's most characteristic products. Our special ink technology materialize a line-up of markers which are suitable for your fabric projects. There are a number of choices of colors and markers according to what you want to draw.
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  • Other Crafting Markers & Tools
    We Marvy Uchida support creativities in various ways. Please check out more of our specialty markers and crafting tools line-up.
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  • Writing Pens
    On your desk or in your home, writing is the basic thing that we do almost everyday. Marvy Uchida provide various kinds of ballpoint and other pens so that you will find most suitable one.
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  • Markers for workplace
    Highlighting an important line of text, writing information on a package, personalizing things around you, and etc... Marking pens are essential thing for our daily life. Yes, Marvy Uchida have them in our line-up, of course.
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  • Ecological Products
  • Industrial Paint Markers
    Marvy Uchida contributes your productivity in the factory. Our industrial paint marker products will work on many kinds of surfaces to help marking position to process or instruction of your work.
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